PCB MANUFACTURING & ASSEMBLY in the same facility, under the same roof, by the same company
Very few companies in the UK can claim that they have the facilities to engineer and manufacture the bare PCB and have the capability to populate those PCBs.


THE ADVANTAGE TO YOU: Reduced Costs; One order; One invoice; One supplier. Therefore greatly reduced “time to market”, with PCBs manufactured and assembled.

Quick Circuits have been manufacturing PCBs for over 49 years, and for a large part of that time we have offered PCB population.

Now, with major investment in infrastructure and the highest level of assembly and inspection equipment, our customers can benefit from true seamless manufacturing and assembly, giving all the advantages of greatly reduced time to market, with the added cost reduction associated with dealing direct with a true one stop manufacture and assembly facility.


Mission Statement

Our aim is to exceed customer expectations by working in partnership to ensure the timely delivery of an excellent product supported by excellent service.

Our policy is to work closely with the customer from the receipt of enquiry or electronic data to ensure that your exact requirements are met and that your deliveries are on time.

We offer quick responses to quotations, queries and changes, and pride ourselves in our flexibility to your needs and our long relationships with satisfied customers.

We also offer a manufacturing package from design to finished product, with full assembly facilities keeping everything within our control. This can also dramatically improve critical time to market, and offer a one stop shop solution for your new products.


Quick Circuits has lived up to its name since the company was founded in 1974. Its quality service is based on fast turnaround times that has, in turn, resulted in rapid growth whilst keeping pace with sophisticated design and production methods. This has ensured Quick Circuits a forthright position at the leading edge of the industry.

Quick Circuits has developed a refined speciality in PCB interconnection, working alongside the R&D as well as production departments of the many ‘blue-chip’ names in the high technology sector, in the UK, Europe and North America, including major OEMs.

The service embraces telecommunications, audio-visual and military applications and is based on a commitment to the full benefits of CAD-CAM.

Speed, quality, price and the flexibility that only a specialist independent can offer have become the Quick Circuits trademark, whether the requirement is proto-typing or small to medium batch production.

The speed of response is aided by concentrating all activities in one Thames Valley headquarters site with first-class national and international ‘connections’.

And the Quick Circuit guarantee spans deliveries, quality and quantities.



Prototypes to medium batch production quantities up to 14 layers.


Lead times are from 24 hours plated through to 36 hours for complex multilayers to 2/3 weeks standard lead times.


Quick Circuits supports customers in Europe, Ireland, North America and China.

Reduced Costs • One order • One invoice • One supplier
Reduced Costs • One order • One invoice • One supplier

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